Sweetpea and Rascal, 9" x 12" oil on canvas.  June, 2018.

Can you even?  Such a joy to paint!  Thank you, Veronica, Shanon and Jess.



Below is a selection of paintings from 2017

Thank you friends, family and clients for making it an awesome year of painting special memories!





Below is a selection of paintings from 2016


Hawaiian Rooster, 8" x 10"  acrylic on canvas, December,  2016.

My cousin's honeymoon was in Hawaii and he posted several photos of gorgeous roosters from the trip.  His feathers were so much fun to paint and I liked playing up all of the complementary colors.



Paint the Horse, 8" x 10"  acrylic on canvas, November,  2016.

Paint and I met on my birthday, my very first horseback ride, a great gift from Pyar.  He was the most patient and gentle friend, he even moved over from tree branches on the trail so that they would not hit me!!  I absolutely love him!!



Moogle, 9" x 12"  acrylic on gessobord, September,  2016.

Moogle's Aunt Kika challenged me to paint her because of her eye colors and silky fur.  She is regal indeed.



Snelson, 10" x 10"  acrylic on gessobord, May,  2016.

Snelson is my fairy godson who was rescued by one of my all time favorite people, Anna.  Anna loves pillows and all things Snelson.  I absolutely love his eyes!



Hamilton at 596

Hamilton, 11" x 14"  acrylic on gessobord, April,  2016.

Hamilton is my mom's new best friend!  She rescued him from her local shelter after visiting with some other canines who didn't quite see her eye to eye.  Once she and Hamilton laid eyes and paws on each other, that was it - love at first sight!  They are inseparable, and we are so grateful for him.



Davey Jack and Vaya in the grass at596

Davis, Jack and Vaya in the the Grass, 12" x 9"  acrylic on gessobord, May,  2016.

These three buddies are eyeing squirrels while soaking up the sun.  Great friends for each other and for their people!



Teddy at 596

Teddy, 14" x 11"  acrylic on gessobord, March,  2016.

I love Teddy's long hair around his face along with his amazing sunshine eyes, what a regal boy!



Owen at 596

Owen, 8" x 10"  oil on canvas, March,  2016.

This is the very photogenic Owen, he is an adorable boy strutting his stuff!  Thank you Kevin and Ali!!



Humphrey at 596

Humphrey, 16" x 16"  acrylic on gessobord, April,  2016.

Humphrey is a big, very sweet and funny boy!  He is featured here with his favorite toy and his cute fancy paws - don't you love the ear back?  This was a gift to my brother and sister in law, thanks Doug and Lori!




Jack, 9" x 12"  acrylic on gessobord, February,  2016.

Jack is our sweet lovable boy who is always available for a portrait and I can't resist his wonderful gaze.



Leo at 596

Leo, 12" x 16"  acrylic on canvas, December,  2015.

Sweet Leo is soaking up the azaleas while posing beautifully, thank you Kate T.



Nisha at 596

Nisha, 9" x 12"  acrylic on canvas, December,  2015.

Nisha has her work cut out for her with this pose, what a sweet girl!



 Painted sketch Yin and Yang at 596

Yin and Yang, 9" x 12"  acrylic on canvas, December,  2015.

Yin and Yang are a hilarious duo of miniature yorkies that we had the chance to babysit.  They are such hams for the camera and wonderful models while I sketched.




Violet and Marigold, 8" x 10"  acrylic on canvas, November,  2015.

This is the lovely duo that I have painted individually before on commission.  I had additional photos and could not resist painting this sweet pose in a kind of Monet style.



Juliet at 596

Juliet, 9" x 12"  acrylic on gessobord, October,  2015.

The lovely Juliet if from the famous duo, "Hank and Juliet", all grown up!   I had fun playing with the complements of blue and orange in this lively work.  Thank you AC!



Sharky painting

Sharky, 9" x 12"  acrylic on canvas, October,  2015.

Sharky is our friend who used to be our neighbor.  He has a heart of gold and is a remarkable example of the true nature of pit bulls - gentle, fun loving and sweet.  Thank you Cat!



Dallas at 596

Dallas, 8" x 10"  acrylic on canvas, August,  2015.

Dallas is our friend who used to be our neighbor.  She is a doll baby and her sweet face says it all!  Thank you Brian, Jill and Dallas.



Lily final painting at 596

Lily, 9" x 12"  acrylic on gessobord, March,  2015.

Oh Lily!  She is so regal on her sofa, I had a blast capturing her expression and fur.   A special gift for a wonderful couple, thank you Heather.



Final Painting Max at 596

Max, 8" x 10"  acrylic on gessobord, February,  2015.

Max is squishing his face between friends' arms to get a glimpse at what is going on!  He was a very beloved dog and I am honored to have the opportunity to capture his sweet face.



Peter Pan Final Painting at 596

Sweet Peter Pan, 8" x 10"  acrylic on gessobord, January,  2015.

Peter Pan is a sweet little boy playing in his mom's favorite color, rainbow!   I am thrilled to share that when my dear friend, Peter's mom and fellow teacher/artist, Amanda saw the painting, she squealed and exclaimed, "Awww!  There is so much life, I want to cuddle with him!  . . . I have no words."  That truly is one of the best compliments, ever,  I am so grateful!!



2 Final Painting Hank and Juliet at 596

Hank and Juliet, 11" x 14"  acrylic on gessobord, December,  2014.

From the very moment AC sent me this picture, I fell in love.  Hank is sweetly spooning baby Juliet while she snoozes.  I thoroughly enjoyed capturing this moment.



Charley final painting

Charley, 5" x 7"  acrylic on gessobord,  November,  2014.

This sweet girl loves her mom's alma mater!  The painting is a surprise gift and features Charley's mom's favorite colors.



Lola and Lilo

Lola and Lilo, 8" x 10"  acrylic on gessobord,  November,  2014.

Besties on a Boat!  These sweet pups live the good life in Savannah, Georgia.



Jack final painting

Jack, 9" x 12"  acrylic on gessobord,  October,  2014.

Sweet Jack passed when he was only two years old.  I am honored to have the opportunity to know him through his portrait.  His parents love him dearly and remember him fondly, running in the grass playing with his favorite toy. 



Simon painting final

Simon, 8" x 10"  acrylic on gessobord,  October,  2014.

My furry cousin, Simon was a delight to paint.  I absolutely love seeing the nuances in white fur.  He is such an angel.



Violet painting before eyes at 596

Violet, 8" x 10"  acrylic on gessobord,  September,  2014.

Violet is elegant and lovely.  She is one of two cats that share a wonderful life with Vicki of Los Angeles, one of my favorite teachers.  I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to paint such sweet cats as Violet and Marigold. 



Marigold finished at 596

Marigold, 8" x 10"  acrylic on gessobord,  September,  2014.

Marigold is one of those sweet boys that is both regal and cute!  He was an excellent model too!


Final Painting of Maeby at 596

Maeby, 11" x 14"  acrylic on gessobord,  August,  2014.

Maeby is featured among her family's favorite salmon colored azaleas in Savannah, GA.  She was an elegant and tolerant pup who was loved dearly by anyone she met.  Thank you Devin and Sarah for the opportunity to paint your sweet girl!



Ruby final

Ruby, 8" x 10"  acrylic on gessobord,  August,  2014.

Sweet "B" is the best friend of our hero, Heather.  Heather adopted B when she needed a new loving, forever home.  I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to capture Ruby in a portrait, she is my first feathered portrait!  Our sweet friend Heather is Davis's Godmother - a true hero.



Brody final at 596

Brody, 8" x 10", acrylic on gessobord, July, 2014.

This is sweet and playful Brody as a puppy.  Her owner loves purple and this beautiful pose, lit from the side.   I really enjoyed capturing his sweet eyes and furry ears.



Molly 5 x 7 at 596

Molly, 5" x 7" acrylic on gessobord, July 2014

Molly is my friend and mentor's family dog.  She is kind, strong and smart cocker spaniel and very loved by her family.  Molly is 14 years young and remains graceful and youthful.  



Gigi at 596

Gigi,  8" x 10", acrylic on gessobord,  November 2013

I have been planning a portrait of Gigi, my doggy sister, for years.  I have many sketches of her sweet expressions and knew it was time to create this piece when I saw clusters of gardenia on a walk in late Fall.   Her father's favorite flower is gardenia and her mother wins the coveted best yard each season - thus, a garden setting was fitting for this beauty.



FINAL at 596 Sebastian at the restaurant 5 x 7 2013

Sebastian,  5" x 7", acrylic on gessobord, November 2013

Our dear friend, Kari commissioned this portrait for her mom as a Christmas gift.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to paint Sebastian again.  He is a great model who sits or lays beautifully for me to sketch him.  In this piece, he is at a restaurant along Rodeo Drive asking for his portion.  



Davis Sketch painting November 2013 5 x 7 at 596

Davis, 5" x 7", acrylic on gessobord, November 2013

Davis is an excellent model, always present and ready to please.  I especially enjoyed sketching him from different vantage points.  I selected this pose since it is similar to one of the first painted sketches I made of Jack.  I love how Davis's fur is growing in, soft and fuzzy like a baby chic.  He surprises us everyday and we are so grateful that he chose us for his forever family.



Vaya 596 for website

Vaya,  8" x 10",  acrylic on gessobord,  October, 2013

Our sweet neighbor friend, Vaya is a dreamy little dachshund floating on a cloud.   I absolutely loved making this portrait!  It was especially fun to paint the flesh of her ear and the light on her eyes.  The complimentary color choices help to emphasize her silky and  beautiful black coat.



Splash final 8 x 10 at 596

Splash, 8" x 10",  acrylic on gessobord,  August, 2013

Splash is nestled in her owner's lap enjoying a restful afternoon.  She has the sweetest expression of being happy and safe.

"Beautifully rendered, capturing not just our dog's appearance, but her personality in a way that made us all smile," stated my satisfied client upon receiving commissioned portrait.  



Spike 5x7

Spike at the Westminster Dog Park, 5" x 7", acrylic on gessobord,  July, 2013

I painted this from a photo that I took when we first met Spike.   Spike was sporting his flak jacket on that chilly afternoon and prancing around like a good boy.  He is an all around sweet and charming dog who follows his Natalie and Shane off leash wherever they go.  He works at a horse stable with Natalie ensuring that everyone has a good time.




Sunny and Star in Family Truck, 5" x 7", acrylic on gessobord, May, 2013

This most recent painting features two of my favorite friends in one of their favorite places.  As long as Sunny and Star come along with their parents, Jordan and Gail, they are thrilled!  I took this photo one afternoon after we all played on the Oregon coast together.

I am now featuring the 5" x 7" size for two pets!  I can work in the size by including both pets from the shoulders.  Please see my pricing page for this new addition!



Jack up close from Jewel photo sized for website

Jack White Anderson, 9" x 12", acrylic on gessobord, March 2013

Jack is a constant source of inspiration!  I wanted to paint a more gestural painting as an example for the size 9" x 12" and certainly, he was available.  His inquisitive looks are so precious, and I particularly like when he does this look with 'helicopter' ears.  The blue background is from our yoga mat blue that he loves to lie on even when we are using it.  This painting was drawn from life and from a photo given as a birthday gift from brother and sister in law duo http://www.paulandjewel.com/




Louise Hendry   11" x 14"  acrylic on panel, December 2012

"Weezy" as she is affectionately known in the Hendry household is a phenomenal creature.   She is a fine example of dogs' ability to forgive and love unconditionally.   Her sweet eyes will melt your heart. She is featured here on Hunting Island in South Carolina playing on the beach for the first time with her family - her forever home.




Bubbles McKlendin  8" x 10"  acrylic on panel,  December 2012

Bubbles is the epitome of pug - fun loving, sweet and very playful.  I had fun trying to capture her personality.



596Maybefinal Ellie and Zoe

Zoe and Ellie Anderson  9" x 12"  acrylic on panel,  January 2013

These two lovely ladies brought joy and laughs when they were with us on earth!  Zoe, the little white one was sweet and playful.  Ellie was strong and smart - just look at those wise eyes.




Grumpy Cat for Choi  8" x 10"  acrylic on panel,  December, 2012



Oslo  12" x 9"   acrylic on panel, November, 2012

This is Oslo, from the House of Oslo series.  He is a superhero in everyday life - he loves to the

fullest and is always ready to play wholeheartedly with a fellow friend.  I printed his paw  in

secret while visiting the Hadley-Lisko house this summer.



Baylie  10" x 8"  acrylic on panel, November, 2012

This portrait of Baylie was an exciting process.  I knew Baylie her entire life.  She brought so

much joy to our family.  She was my Mom's dog in every way, but she knew how to make us

all feel special.



Belly  7" x 5"  acrylic on panel, November, 2012

Belly was one of my best models!  She is lovely and enjoyed relaxing on my lap while I painted her portrait.  She did not even mind when I needed her to sit back in position or look up at me so that I could try to capture her lovely spirit in those great eyes, thank you Belly and Belly's awesome family!



Sunshine Eyes: Ozzie and Jesse  11" x 14"  acrylic on panel

This was a present commissioned for a wedding gift.  The dogs belong to the Simersons.



Ozzie and Jesse  drawing  pencil on strathmore paper



Get N Gear's Pokey  11" x 14"  acrylic on panel

Pokey embodies all that is catness and she is lovely to look at and touch.



Pokey drawing pencil on strathmore paper



Biscuit Anderson  7" x 5"  acrylic on panel

Biscuit is Jack's cousin.  Biscuit is a very sweet and courteous dog.



Blues in Destin,  8" x 10"  acrylic on panel

Blues is enjoying an afternoon on the docks with his family in Destin, Florida.  The photo I used

for reference included my Uncle's feet and boats alongside the dock.  I wanted the painting to

focus on Blues' relaxed and regal pose while soaking up the sun and thus, seeming to glow.



Jack in Tennessee  10" x 8"  acrylic on panel

Jack loved this KOA we stayed at in Manchester, Tennessee.  He made several friends and

enjoyed taking long walks in the meadow featured.



Jack Poses in the Studio  7" x 5"  acrylic on panel

After Jack's afternoon nap, he yawns, stretches and gives me this sweet glance.




Drawings for Portraits

Chenelle sketch

Simon drawing at 596


Process and Pricing

The artist reserves the right to use copies of commissioned work for her own portfolio and promotional purposes.  

All work is copyright of the artist.


   5” x 7”

    8” x 10”

   9” x 12”

    11” x 14”

     12”x 16”

     16” x 20”

one pet







two pets








additional pets and other sizes available, including custom sizes,  please inquire for information

For 2013, I just added the 'fun' size, 5" x 5" for one pet portrait for an up close painted sketch  $125 plus shipping!

These prices include:

1.  The artist’s sitting with your pet(s) for photographs.  (I can also work from your photos.)

2.  Up to two sketches for selection (sent via email and  may be purchased at an additional fee)

3.  Your choice of canvas/panel for your one of a kind portrait.

If you would like to gift a painting to someone, we can arrange for me to work with the recipient to make sure the painting is exactly to their liking and you may purchase a Gift Certificate.

Due to the nature of painting, drying and varnishing, please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks plus shipping time for your portrait.

This page details the following:

I.  How to commission your original pet portrait

II.  An example of the process with details of steps

III. Information regarding my paints, tools, panels and practice


I.  How to commission your original pet portrait:

  1. We will discuss your interest in commissioning  an original pet portrait along with your pet(s) in detail, your ideas, timeline, budget and anything else relevant.

  1. I will email my questionnaire and contract for your review.

  1. You will send me:

              A.  Completed questionnaire

              B.  Completed contract

              C.  50%  Deposit by check or cash

              D.  Photos of your pet(s) or we can schedule a photo shoot

  1. I create sketches and email them to you for discussion and final approval.

  1. I paint your one of a kind portrait(s), communicating with you along the way.

  1. I will email a ‘ final’ version for approval.

  1. Once approved, the painting needs at least a week to dry (depending on humidity).  Once the painting is dry, I will varnish it,  using Gamblin’s Gamvar UV protect varnish.  The varnish will take months to fully cure, however, it is possible to ship and display after one week of varnishing.

  1. Once the portrait(s) is ready, I ship it to the recipient or delivery  in person may be available.

  1. You receive the portrait(s) and send me the remaining balance.


II.  An example of the process with details of steps








Some works were documented by fine artist/photographer, Lewis Anderson



III. Information regarding my paints, tools, panels and practice

  • I mostly use oil paints and occassionally, GOLDEN open acrylics
  • I only use Gamblin Gamvar Ultra violet protect varnish
  • Robert Gamblin formulated GAMVAR, a low molecular weight (LMW) synthetic resin varnish, based on research at the National Gallery of Art.  GAMVAR does not yellow and remains easy to remove with mild solvents such as Gamsol OMS. Adding it as the top layer will saturate the colors of paintings and intensify the transparency of glazes
  • My brushes are high-quality synthetic from Loew-Cornell, Escoda and the like
  • I paint on eco - friendly canvas more often now than panels.  
  • The panels that I use are from Ampersand, called gessobords and of the highest quality:
  • Part of Ampersand's Museum Series featuring Archiva-Seal™ technology, an advanced formula for sealing wood that ensures your artwork created on an Ampersand wood panel will remain acid free over time. All Ampersand Museum Series painting grounds are archival, acid-free and non-yellowing.  Ampersand is committed to producing products that don't harm the environment or the artists who use them. All Museum Series Panels are made using FSC certified forest products. The FSC certification is one of the most effective standards for protecting wildlife, plants, soil and water resources. Ampersand's Museum Series boards are formaldehyde-free and do not contain any organic compounds that generate harmful gas emissions (VOCs).


Artwork of Animals


Baby Elephant with Blue Ribbon


Playful Baby Elephant with Ribbon, 8" x 10", acrylic on gessobord,  December 2014.

Baby Giraffe with bowtie and cute lip


Silly Baby Giraffe with Chevron Bowtie, 8" x 10", acrylic on gessobord,  December 2014.

Baby Elephant sketch

Baby Giraffe

Rabbit on hind feet sitting up with big ears

Polar bear sketch from plaster cast

squirrel drawing for Pyar at 596










little mad piggy sketch from plaster cast at 596 rabbit sketch from plaster cast at 596 little piggy from the side plaster cast at 596




“I just cannot impart what a gift this painting of our tiny deer Bonnie means to me. Cynthia not only brilliantly depicted her tiny, folded shape, her mocha coloring, her too tall ears – but she also captured her sweet dreaming spirit, cuddled up among the winter chevron pillows on our blue couch. We rescued Bonnie the week of Hurricane Matthew and I will admit – I was the only one in the family not all the way on board with getting a dog. But oh how she has completely stolen my heart and this gorgeous painting of her is just so dear to me.”

Jessica Hensley, June 2017

Hensley Boys with little Bonnie and her portrait, June 2017.



"I never dreamed my daughter, Kari would commission a painting of my little buddy for me!  Cynthia, you not only captured Sebastian’s markings and his wrinkly little face but his personality as well.  I am embarrassed to say that this is him whenever we sit for a meal.  I don’t get to see Sebastian for long periods of time so having this beautiful portrait makes missing him a  little easier. I will treasure his portrait forever.  Thank you for the love you put into this work of art.  My love and gratitude always",  Shelley Stewart, December 2013.

Final Final for publishing Sebastian at the beach 596


Coran Walker Louise and Painting

 Louise is sitting on Coran's lap, while Walker holds the painting of Louise.

"Cynthia's painting captures Louise, especially her beautiful comical and sometimes haunting eyes. The background in the painting is from Hunting Island, S.C., a State Park where we had one of our first outings after our fateful meeting.  We watched with joy as Louise ran and played off leash along the edge of the water.   Louise and I met in Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA on 10-10-10.  A couple had a sign that read 'free puppies'.   Louise was in a crate and her sister Thelma was running around. Several people were admiring Thelma. There was something in Louise I was drawn to, those sad eyes... I sat down on the grass and and her rescuers opened the crate door and she sat in my lap and nudged me with her nose. The couple looked down and his wife said, "Look!"  And, that was it! Louise had found a home.  I received the painting as a Christmas gift from my family.  It's just perfect, what a great gift!"  

~  Ann Curry, December 2012



"Cynthia painted a lovely portrait of our Springer Spaniel, Charlie. It expertly captures his looks and personality. We're very pleased with Cynthia's work. From the sketch stage to the finished painting she has been wonderful to work with." –– Stephen and Margaret Hall, Savannah, Georgia

Charlie Hall  9" x 12"  acrylic on cradled panel

Charlie is special, one of those dogs that oozes 'dogness'.  That certain something that dogs just know, it's in the wag of the tail that fills you with joy - immediately.  And then, his soft fur, his sweet eyes just make you melt.  I first saw Charlie in the photos sent by Stephen, shown below.  I nicknamed him "feather pants" since he has that wispy fur on his ears, legs and tail. Below are the two sketches of Charlie from photo references.  I submitted these sketches via email to Stephen for approval.  We discussed how Charlie loves to carry his favorite stick of the day home with him and leave it at the door.  Often, when you see Charlie, you see Charlie and his stick.  Thus, the choice for the final portrait.

I was fortunate to meet Charlie when we delivered the painting to the Hall family in Savannah in March.  Charlie met us on the walk with one of his sticks.  I was thrilled to learn that it was a surprise gift for Stephen's wife, Margaret.  They were both happy with the portrait and I was elated for the opportunity! ~ Cynthia
 Stephen and Margaret and Charlie with portrait at 596
 Stephen, Charlie and Margaret



About & Mission Statement

New bio picture for 2014

My amazing best friend and husband, Pyar, Jack, Davis and me, Christmas 2013.

Who Rescued Who?  Pyar found Jack on the interstate in rural Tennessee during our cross country hike on 5/2012 and we have been in love ever since.

Pyar found Davis running across six lanes of heavy traffic in our neighborhood on 8/2013 and we have been in awe and giggles ever since. 


My mom allowed me to draw on my bedroom walls.  I used to decorate and clean my turtle's grave site.  When I was bored visiting a relative's house, I would paint and draw to occupy my time.  My first dog, Cinnamon would let me put hats on her head and pretend we lived in Paris, making a living from the sales of my paintings.

In college, I studied under artist and teacher, Susan Myers.  She played a pivotal role in guiding me towards life as an artist.  I later became her studio assistant and learned to paint under her tutelage.

After earning my M.F.A. in painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I planned to complete a certificate in Art Therapy.   Working toward that end goal, I volunteered as an artist with Hospice Savannah and shadowed art therapists to determine if more schooling was the best decision for my interests.   During that time of discovery, I also worked in after school programs for latch key children, helped to build an art education program in underprivileged schools, assisted in creating a mural with thirty sixth graders in Japan, cleaned up garbage on the streets of Thailand with local school children, skied the Alps in Austria, danced with children in Haiti, gleaned fields in South Carolina and was a foster parent to dogs and cats in Japan and America.

Like most things in my life that I love, I dive in head first and try to soak up each moment.  The combination of painting, drawing and animals is my most recent passion.  I owe the idea to a dear friend, Lindsay, who made the connection.  Our mutual friend, Stephen Hall saw my work last year in an exhibition called "Small Works" hosted by the Savannah College of Art and Design.  After seeing my work, he shared his interest and vision with Lindsay who connected us for my first commissioned pet portrait.  (see testimonials with portrait of Charlie Hall)

Since then, the Anderson family has been an incredible support for creating my portfolio and thus launching this site.  With continued support from family and friends, I now get to paint in my pajamas.

thank you,  Cynthia


Public/Private Collections

Laura Ashley, "Autumn Nest and Pheasants", England

Sames + Littlejohns, "Holiday Notes", UK

“Reflections”, Southern Accents Showcase House, Hampton Island Georgia

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia    Pamela Rhame, Savannah, Georgia

Vance Publishing Company, Inc., Illinois        Lori Keith Robinson, Savannah, Georgia

Georgia Center for International Visitors, Atlanta, Georgia       Cathy Upjohn, Chicago, Illinois

Cinco Banderas Permanent Collection, Northwest Florida        Vicki Smith, Payton, Ohio

White Bluff United Methodist Church, Savannah, Georgia        Vera Gauss, Baltimore, Maryland

Sabina and Peter Krings, Elsbach, Germany          Stanley and Craig Lester, Savannah, Georgia

Kirstan Simpson-Dornan, Glasgow, Scotland            Danielle England, Boston, MA

Anissa Couey, San Francisco, California               Arnold Icasiano, New York City, New York

Beth and Bruce Partington, Pensacola, Florida          Marty Fishbein, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Bill Moore, Pensacola, Florida                     Cathy Chenoweth, Stoughton, Wisconsin

Ken Rollins, Tampa, Florida                  Melinda and Michael Bailey, Savannah, Georgia

Linda Quinlan, Destin, Florida            Dr. Marvin and Norma Rappaport, Savannah, Georgia

Vincent Bova, Pensacola, Florida                 Brian Breen, Boston, Massachusetts

Stephen and Margaret Hall, Savannah, Georgia                   Shelley Stewart, Portland, Oregon

Kari Ann Burgess, Los Angeles, California              Dylan and Sapna Proctor, Santa Monica, California


2013 Laura Ashley blog, December, Pheasants Pillow, featured in second photograph   http://blog.lauraashley.com/at-home/get-the-home-ready-for-guests/

2013 HOUZZ, Interview, Laura Gaskill,   http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/16966380/list/10-Things-Artists-Want-You-to-Know

2010 Trinity Church Website Banner

2008 Savannah Book Festival Poster, original artwork

2006 Southern Accents Magazine, works featured in

Hampton Island: Reflections Showcase House. November/December

2003 Alexander Ink Printmaking Publication from SCAD


Commissions/Public Works

2013 Sames + Littlejohns, "Holiday Notes", UK

2012 Laura Ashley, "Autumn Nest and Pheasants", England

2011  Wall Mural, Shinjo Elementary School, Tanabe, Wakayama, Japan

2010  Trinity Church Banner for Website, watercolor illustration, Savannah, Georgia

2010  Twelve Months Holiday Chant Illustrations, Tanabedaisan Elementary School, Tanabe, Wakayama, Japan

2010  Counting in English Book, Funagi Family, Tanabe, Wakayama, Japan

2010  Pronunciation Cards, Shinjo JHS, Tanabe, Wakayama, Japan

2007  Wall Mural, Trinity United Methodist Church, Savannah, GA

2004  Wall Mural, Pooler Elementary School, Savannah, GA

2003  Wall Mural, Oglethorpe Academy, Savannah, GA

2003 Playground Mural, Montessori School of Rincon, Rincon, GA

2002  Fragrant Garden Mural, Forsyth Park, City of Savannah, GA

2001  Custom oil paintings, Residence of  Dr. and Mrs. Rappaport, Savannah, GA

2000  Wall murals, Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Mehserle, Pensacola, FL

2000  Wall murals, Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, Pensacola, FL

2000  Wall murals, Pensacola Community Center, Pensacola, FL

1999  Wall mural, Dr. Vernali’s Pediatric Office, Pensacola, FL

1999  Wall murals, Merrymakers Art Studio, Pensacola, FL



2010 “Kumano Kodo”, Yamamoto Hashizume, Tanabe City Shinbunn, December

2003  “So Little Space, So Much Art”, Tim Rutherford, Coastal Antiques & Art, October

2003  “Graduate Student Makes Her Mark”, Hannah Pittard, The Campus Chronicle, October 3

2001  “Visual Arts Spotlight,” Rachel Cunningham, The Independent Magazine, March

2000  “Sidewalk Art Splashes Across Palafox Place,” Vanessa Mahone, Downtown Crowd, August

2000  “Walk of Art,” Michelle Mundy, Pensacola News Journal, July 21

1999  “November Gallery Night:  Light up the Night!,” Downtown Crowd, November

1999  “Three Artists will Display their Work Starting Tonight,”  Donna Freckmann,

Pensacola News Journal, August 13

1999  “Exhibit Juxtaposes Work of Women Artists,” Donna Freckmann, Pensacola News Journal,March 5

1996  “Artists Celebrate U.W.F. Graduation,” Donna Freckmann, Pensacola News Journal, April 26



Custom paintings of the pets you love.


Kittypuppytown.com is the custom pet portrait business of artist and animal enthusiast,  Cynthia White Anderson.   Cynthia lovingly paints her portraits by combining the wants of a client along with her unique artistic vision to honor and commemorate a loved one through a timeless piece of fine art.  
Mission Statement

Guided by love and inspiration, Cynthia's art depicts the spirit, personality and beauty of your beloved best friend(s) while contributing to our universal reception for increased awareness and respectful treatment of all animals.


Fine Art

Bee on Flower long formatBundled up at the Beach StLandscape from backyard CarrabelleLong Format landscape from Carrabelle yardPalm and Bridge CarrabelleSwimming Cranes 16 x 20 at 596

Swimming Cranes    16" x 20"     acrylic on board     2013


Blue Peacock at 596

Dancing Peacock, 5" x 7"   acrylic on board     2013


Underwater Bag and Blossom 16 x 20 for website 596

Underwater Bag and Blossom       16" x 20"     acrylic on board     2013


Jellyplantfish bag 10 x 10 at 596

Jelly Plant Fish Bag        10" x 10"           acrylic on board          2013 


apple watercolor course at 596

Apple Study       5" x 5"        watercolor on arches paper     2014


cropped copy Larry Gluck's watercolor at 596

Cropped Copy/Watercolor study from Larry Gluck's Watercolors      4" x 2"  watercolor, 2014



3 object still life tone drawing pastel


Tone drawings in pastels, October 2014



final pass two objects



grey cup and apple tone drawing 9 17



first tone painting in oil

My first tone painting exercise in oil, November 2014


second tone painting in oil

My second tone painting exercise in oil, November 2014


2nd American Still Life orange and blue cup

My second color still life painting using an American palette, December 2014.

FIrst American Still life green apple with orange and pink cup

My first color still life painting using an American palette, December 2014.

First European Still Life lemon with blue bowl

My first color still life painting using a European palette, December 2014.

First side by side color apple demo

My first color still life apple study using an American palette, December 2014.  This is from a side by side demo with my instructor.  I will then teach the method with a student using the same techniques.






Email me for a quote: kittypuppytown@gmail.com

houzz interior design ideas





Ballona Wetlands Mural Study

Ballona Wetlands Mural Study   acrylic  2013

Client requested a mural to remember the beauty from her time living in Playa Del Rey, California.


Ceiling Mural

Child's Room Ceiling Mural       acrylic  2013

Client requested a colorful burst radiating from existing ceiling fixture, selected colors complimented the room.



Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can you paint from my photographs?  Definitely!  It is my preference to meet with you and your pet(s) in person for a commission.  However, that may not always be possible.  I can work from your photographs and a discussion about your pet(s) personality and lifestyle to best understand your furry or feathered friend.
  2. I'm not sure what picture to choose for the portrait, can you help me decide?  I like to work from several photographs in order to best understand the pet(s) body type and features.  I usually ask for several photos to begin the commission process.  
  3. I don't have any clear photos and my pet has died, can you work from old, faded photos?  Depicting a pet who has passed is one of my favorite aspects about pet portraits.  I think it is important to have a keepsake of our friends, and a painting can do just that when there aren't quite enough photographs.  Sometimes old and faded photographs don't give enough detailed information, however with a discussion regarding your pet(s) personality and several images, I can work up a few sketches and we decide from that point what you have in mind exactly.
  4. Do you paint pets other than cats and dogs?  Definitely!  Here are some examples of other animals that I have painted and drawn and here and here (scroll down to see the beavers)
  5. How does the process work when I want to give the painting as a gift?  Gift certificates are available if you wish to give the gift and have me work directly with the recipient.  It is also possible for you to email me photos of the pet(s) and we can discuss the recipients likes and create a one of a kind painting as the gift.

Please email me with any further inquiries and include your telephone number so that we may talk by phone.