Creating a Painting ~ Envisioning Your Client’s Wants

 Most of the time, we know what we don’t want and sometimes we don’t know what we want until we see it.

Jake from front with chest Jake on pierJake three quarters view on carpet 2

This is sweet, loving Jake – best friend and biggest Spurs’ fan.

I like a good challenge.  I also LOVE to make people happy with my artwork.

Here are a couple of my sketches of Jake from several photographs (above) that my client sent for a truly one of a kind portrait.

Jake sketches

“Wow. Just wow. We are amazed that you can so easily capture his personality through his eyes without ever having met him. God has truly gifted you! We were both immediately drawn to the top sketch. I like seeing his paws in the bottom sketch, but something about the face in the top is so him.”

Having a client excited and give specific feedback is wonderful for creating the perfect portrait.  Thus, I combined the two sketches as per my clients’ feedback. (image below)

Final Jake Sketch

I’m thrilled with the result of combing the two sketches of Jake!  And, more importantly, so are my clients.

From here, I will begin painting based on the clients’ answers to my questionnaire along with detailed information about sweet Jake and his best friend, Zach – the recipient of the portrait.

Jake at 72 and 596 for website

This is the finished portrait of sweet, beloved, Jake.

I am thrilled with his expression and the Spurs’ bandana.  Putting together the two sketches made for a totally one of a kind keepsake.

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