Rocky, a portrait for the winner of the giveaway at our vet, Porter Pet Hospital, Northridge, CA


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Rocky, 9″ x 12″, acrylic on gessoboard, July 2015.   I was so very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Rocky in person this day in May.  He died on June 25.   The recipient of the painting said … Continue reading

Neighbor and friend, Cricket

Cricket final at 596jpg

This is a small (5″ x 7″) painted sketch of Cricket.  She is an old, wise and sweet neighbor of ours.  I took this photo in the parking lot the other day when the sun was setting but still high enough to get a glow on her fur.  I enjoy how easy it is to shift the setting for a painting.  I knew her fur would glow against this green gold grassy like background and add to her happy expression of playing outside.

Cricket photo

(Original photo)

Sometimes, clients have old, fuzzy or faded photos of their pets and ask me to make a portrait.  It helps if I have several photos and have met the pet, but that cannot always happen, if for example, an animal friend has died.  This is a great example of a not so good image made into a nice painted sketch.

Jack Yawning~Our Sweet Baby Boy

596 Jack yawning 2014Jack, acrylic on gessobord, 5″ x 5″,  April, 2014. (reference photo, June, 2012)

Jack is a fantastic model in countless ways.  For one, he lets me look in his mouth to see his teeth, gums and anything else I wish to see for any length of time (while painting, of course).  Jack’s teeth have all come in and his fur has grown since I took the photo used for reference, one of Pyar’s all time favorite photographs.  We had Jack about a month and on this day, we were having a turtle adventure – the one where Jack finds a turtle and puts his nose on the turtle’s back and then looks at me to bark and tell me about the turtle.  It was one of his best games on our hike across country.  Turtles seem to wear him out.


Study of Vaya

Vaya sketch at 596Vaya is our neighbor and friend.  I have been wanting to paint her for some time and recently expressed that to our dear friends.  I was thrilled when they gave me several images to draw from, this is one of my favorites!  I just posted the finished portrait on the website, she is dreaming on a cloud.

First sketch of Davis

First sketch of Davis at 596


I have a few pages of my sketches of Davis.  This is one of my favorites from when we visited him at the vet during his first days of quarantine.  His demeanor has changed rapidly since bringing him home.  He seems so much more like a dog.  We are so honored that he loves us.  He especially loves his big brother, Jack!

Henry and Bumper sketch

Henry and Bumper sketch


Henry and Bumper                                              pencil study for 9″ x 12″ portrait  July, 2013

I have had the honor of working with a lovely woman, AC from Georgia on one of my favorite portraits.  This drawing is from Henry and Bumper’s mom and dad’s favorite photograph.  Getting to know animals through their people is a wonderful process.  Thank you AC.


Sebastiansized for websiteSebastian in the Grass, June 2013

Sebastian is our neighbor, friend, model and one of the cutest puggles that we know!  Jack and “Seabass” as he is affectionately called by Pyar, are best buds.  I painted this study for Kari, Sebastian’s mom to have while she spends the summer in Austria studying Opera.  Sebastian will be spending the summer in Oregon with his grandparents.

Thank you for your sweet friendship, Kari and Sebastian!

photo (10)Sebastian and Jack enjoying a rest while playing at our house, May 2013.




Nori kun Sketches

Nori Kun sketches getting to know the catSweet Nori 

I have the honor of painting Nori, a beloved friend who is black with hints of white on his chest, paws and ears.  His parents sent me some great photos to work with for his portrait.  This is the beginning stage of getting to know Nori through gesture studies.  more to come