Nori kun Sketches

Nori Kun sketches getting to know the catSweet Nori 

I have the honor of painting Nori, a beloved friend who is black with hints of white on his chest, paws and ears.  His parents sent me some great photos to work with for his portrait.  This is the beginning stage of getting to know Nori through gesture studies.  more to come

Jack’s Sweet Face

Jack up close from Jewel photo sized for website


9″ x 12″ acrylic on gessobord, February – March 2013

Jack is a constant source of inspiration!  I painted him from life and from the photo from Jewel and Paul (posted earlier).  I love his gaze here and what we like to refer to as ‘helicopter’ ears.


Note: I mentioned in a post about white on white paintings and intended to take some in progress photos.  This is an example where I did not take in progress steps, like the white chest of dog Baylie, and the fur of grumpy cat.  Here, Jack’s fur in his chest was created through layering warm and cool white over the ultramarine and yellow ochre under-painting (though all made from titanium – I never use zinc white) I will take in progress shots for those interested in another project, thanks for waiting.