Jack’s Sweet Face

Jack up close from Jewel photo sized for website


9″ x 12″ acrylic on gessobord, February – March 2013

Jack is a constant source of inspiration!  I painted him from life and from the photo from Jewel and Paul (posted earlier).  I love his gaze here and what we like to refer to as ‘helicopter’ ears.


Note: I mentioned in a post about white on white paintings and intended to take some in progress photos.  This is an example where I did not take in progress steps, like the white chest of dog Baylie, and the fur of grumpy cat.  Here, Jack’s fur in his chest was created through layering warm and cool white over the ultramarine and yellow ochre under-painting (though all made from titanium – I never use zinc white) I will take in progress shots for those interested in another project, thanks for waiting.


Diggin’ In!!

No one likes a dirty beach, especially not Jack!  He is constantly picking up trash, water bottles, socks – you name it on the beach.  He brings them to me after a romp with the item and we discard them together after our walk.  It’s a win win!  This discarded water bottle was discovered today and made promptly into a toy.  

REI calls it ‘digging in to make a difference’.  We can all do it each and everyday. And look at the results, you are tired from having fun!

Today, I dug in to a new painting.  A study of white on white.  I will show stages in the next post.

Shifting gears, changing perspective

On Tuesday, Pyar and I went to Hollywood and Beverly Hills to distribute my postcards for www.kittypuppytown.com.  Thinking I had my elevator pitch down, I go to all the spots along our route. I find that most of the dog boutiques, shops and day spas we visited already have a kind of resident artist!  The businesses feature photographs and paintings of dogs and cats beautifully displayed and inspirational.  Brilliant idea, really. Now, just to find the one that needs ME as their go to pet portrait artist!   Shifting gears, changing perspective is an everyday task.  My drawings and thus paintings shift with each visit I make at the easel. I am constantly learning, and learning to shift.

Jack is squirrelley in a shifty way, until he gets his spot just right for a nap.  I try to capture his form and a little likeness during his nap time, it seems that he knows when I am drawing him, he becomes the pinnacle model.  Just like a model from a drawing class, he shifts every 30 seconds, then stays up to a minute, then five minutes and finally, a nap!  Here are a few attempts.

Exciting Partnership with Sanctuary One!

One of my favorite places is Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm.  After learning about this remarkable sanctuary, Pyar brought me there for a tour as part of last year’s birthday celebration.   It was a special honor to be among such an amazing group of people and animals existing harmoniously.  Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm is in Jacksonville, Oregon.  It is a nonprofit care farm where people, animals and the earth work together for mutual healing.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce a partnership with them for a unique fundraiser.

Please go to their website to learn more, consider supporting such an incredible cause and to see the details of our partnership.  http://www.sanctuaryone.org/

You may also view at http://www.facebook.com/SanctuaryOneatDoubleOakFarm

Jack is thrilled that so many animals at Sanctuary One can live free of cruelty in one of the most loving places on earth!

Birthday Month

We had such a great Thanksgiving filled with fun, gratitude and love with our family, Jewel and Paul in Santa Barbara.  My birthday present is the framed sweet photo of our Jack, featured here with Jack and Paul’s arm.  I took this photo with my iPhone while giggling and smelling all of the wonderful food cooking.

To see their truly amazing photography and design, visit http://www.paulandjewel.com/

Today, I am back in the studio, feeling grateful and retouching some surprise pet portraits that will soon be Christmas gifts!

The last day to order a custom pet portrait in time for the holiday is November 27.  



Being Thankful

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am feeling grateful and blessed!  I’m grateful for all of the special ones on this journey with me.  Here are my two favorites.

Jack and Pyar are looking out on the harbor near Gold Beach, Oregon from an unusual perch.  These arches are part of the old bridge, being reused as some architectural elements in the yard of a home we stayed in recently.

We are taking a couple of days off to celebrate with family, Jewel and Paul in Santa Barbara.  My paintings and drawings that are in process will benefit from me stepping away from the easel for awhile.  I will come back recharged and ready!